Track Data Hubs

Track data hubs are collections of external tracks that can be imported into the UCSC Genome Browser. Hub tracks show up under the hub's own blue label bar on the main browser page, as well as on the configure page. For more information, see the User's Guide.To import a public hub click its "Connect" button below.

NOTE: Because Track Hubs are created and maintained by external sources, UCSC is not responsible for their content.

Clicking Connect redirects to the gateway page of the selected hub's default assembly.
Display Hub Name Description Assemblies
rfam12_ncRNA ERROR: Error in TCP non-blocking connect() 111 - Connection refused Couldn't open Debug Help [+] hg38, mm10, ce10, galGal4, ci2, danRer7...
UniProt Features ERROR: Error in TCP non-blocking connect() 111 - Connection refused Couldn't open Debug Help hg38
Principal Splice Isoforms APPRIS Selects a single CDS variant for each gene as the 'PRINCIPAL' isoform based on the range of protein features. [+] hg38, hg19, mm10, danRer10, rn6, susScr3...
Peptide evidences CNIO Peptides detected from a re-analysis of multiple experiments and databases hg38, hg19
CESAR Gene Mappings Human Exons mapped by CESAR [+] bosTau7, ailMel1, allMis1, anoCar2, fr3...
McGill EMC (CEEHRC) McGill Epigenomics Mapping Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada hg19
Porcine DNA methylation DNA methylation levels from 9 week old Landrace x Yorkshire crossbred pigs and cell line 3D4/2. susScr3
Porcine DNA methylation and gene transcription DNA methylation and gene expression levels for eight tissues from the adult female Duroc chosen for production of the swine reference genome. susScr3
FANTOM5 RIKEN FANTOM5 Phase1 and Phase2 data hg38, mm10, hg19, mm9
Blueprint Hub Blueprint Epigenomics Data Hub hg38
ENCODE Analysis Hub ENCODE Integrative Analysis Data Hub hg19
Translation Initiation Sites (TIS) Translation Initiation Sites (TIS) track hg19
Ultraconserved Elements Ultra conserved Elements in the Human Genome Science 304(5675) pp.1321-1325 (2004) hg19
Plants CSHL Biology of Genomes meeting 2013 demonstration assembly hub araTha1, braRap1, ricCom1
EcoliCompHub ERROR: Couldn't open Debug Help [+] EscherichiaColi042Uid161985, reference...
EcoliCompHubWtDups E.coli Comparative Assembly Hub, With Duplications [+] EscherichiaColi042Uid161985, reference...
Croc and Bird Hub Croc, Bird, and Archosaur Assembly Hub [+] allMis2, Anc00, Anc01, Anc02, Anc03...
Cancer Genomics Tracks TCGA and ICGC Cancer Mutations, TCGA Expression, Immune Epitopes Database (IEDB), Cancer Immunity Peptides Database, Dienstmann Variant/Cancer database, CIVIC,, OncoKB hg19
GTEx RNA-seq Signal Hub RNA-seq read coverage in 53 tissues from GTEx V6 (7572 samples) hg19, hg38
GTEx Analysis Hub Allele-Specific Expression in 53 tissues from GTEx Analysis (NY Genome Center) hg19, hg38
Cancer genome polyA site & usage An in-depth map of polyadenylation sites in cancer (matched-pair tissues and cell lines) hg19
UCD Methylation ERROR: TCP non-blocking connect() to timed-out in select() after 10000 milliseconds - Cancelling! Couldn't open Debug Help [+] hg19, hg18, mm10, mm9, bosTau7, bosTau6...
DASHR small ncRNA DASHR Human non-coding RNA annotation hg19
Ensembl Regulatory Build Evidence summaries and provisional results for the new Ensembl Regulatory Build hg38, hg19, mm10
GRC Genome Issues under Review Genome Reference Consortium: Genome issues and other features hg38, hg19, mm10, mm9, danRer7, danRer10
CPTAC Hub v1 Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) Hub v1 hg19
lncRNA in Breast Cancer ERROR: TCP non-blocking connect() to timed-out in select() after 10000 milliseconds - Cancelling! Couldn't open Debug Help hg19
Vista Enhancers Vista Browser Track Hub hg19, mm9, mm10
Peterhof_yeasts Assemblies, SNV and CNV data for Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains of the Peterhof Genetic Collection [+] sacCer3, 1B_D1606_spades, 15V_P4_spades...
ZebrafishGenomics Burgess Lab Zebrafish Genomic Resources danRer10, danRer7
ChromosomeAssembliesGR Comparative data and New chromosome assemblies for Falcon and Pigeon from Damas et al., 2016 Genome Research colLiv2, galGal4, falPer2
DNA Methylation Hundreds of analyzed methylomes from bisulfite sequencing data [+] hg38, hg19, hg18, mm9, mm10, panTro2...
FaceBase Hub Comprehensive craniofacial research data from mm9, hg18, hg19, mm10
Promoterome CAGE and nucleosome positioning Zebrafish promoterome based on Haberle et al. and Nepal et al. danRer7
Roadmap Epigenomics Integrative Analysis Hub Roadmap Epigenomics Integrative Analysis Hub at Washington University in St. Louis hg19
Roadmap Epigenomics Data Complete Collection at Wash U VizHub Roadmap Epigenomics Human Epigenome Atlas Data Complete Collection, VizHub at Washington University in St. Louis hg19
C_elegans_isolates C. elegans wild isolate assembly hub [+] CB4856Princeton_JR-contig...
454 K562andHelaS3RNAseq Whole-Cell 454 Hela and K562 RNAseq hg19
CEMT (CEEHRC) Epigenomic Data tracks from BCGSC, Vancouver hg19
Human Islet lncRNAs Pancreatic islet long non coding RNA transcripts (Akerman et al 2016) hg19
miRcode microRNA sites Predicted microRNA target sites in GENCODE transcripts hg19
mm9.SMC1.ChIAPET Cohesin(Smc1)-associated chromatin interactions in murine embryonic stem cells mm9
UMassMed ZHub UMassMed H3K4me3 ChIP-seq data for Autistic brains hg19
ChIP-seq data track HUBs from MSC cells from GSE79815 ERROR: Couldn't open Debug Help mm9
PhyloCSF Evolutionary protein-coding potential as measured by PhyloCSF hg19, hg38, mm10, galGal4
Umap and Bismap mappability Uniquely mappable regions of genome and methylome hg38, hg19, mm9, mm10
LIBD Human DLPFC Development ERROR: Couldn't open Debug Help hg19
Broad Improved Canine Annotation v1 Broad Institute CanFam3 Improved Annotation Data v1 canFam3
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